What will we do Twitter’s new video sharing service VINE?

Twitter has launched a new service. Called VINE it allows users to take 6 second video clips on their SMARTphones and Tablets and then share them via twitter (and facebook).  Once taken, the 6 second clips loop, which is either intensely annoying or a great spur to make creative videos which enthrall people (depending on your points of view). My first VINE attempt is above, simply my daughter spinning round in a playground.

Vine videos are ‘edited in camera’, meaning you don’t have to take a continuous 6 second clip, but can take a series of clips (by holding down the button on your phone), and then they will compile into a 6 second long story.

People are still debating what will happen with Vine, and I will be honest and say I don’t have a clue whether the service will take off and become a success, or just fade away like so many other attempts to introduce a new social media platform.  Marketing people will no doubt seize on Vine to make very short promos for clients, and this could work well if there is creativity and flair to what they do.

Whether users of social media, the twitter community will take Vine to their hearts (and phones), is an unknown quantity.  At one level Vine looks like it should not really work. Surely a 6 second video clip (with sound disabled by default), won’t be interesting and users won’t be rushing to share user-generated content and provide the raw material and interactions which are a pre-requisite for the success of any social media platform.

But then we said that about twitter in the early days, how could something where you can only type 140 characters by way of an update be a success. How could that possibly work…


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